VIMEXPO 2023 – THACO INDUSTRIES participates in VIMEXPO 2023

Recently, THACO INDUSTRIES participated in the “4th International Exhibition on Vietnam Supporting Industry & Manufacturing – VIMEXPO 2023” hosted by the Center for Industrial Development Support – Department of Industry under the direction of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Participating in VIMEXPO 2023 with the theme “No. 1 OEM component manufacturer in Vietnam – Pioneer in developing mechanical engineering and supporting industries”, THACO INDUSTRIES introduces the following product groups: Welding robot automation solution combining dashboard skeleton rotating jig and transport robot in AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) factory; Group of mechanical processing products (cladding molds inside the left – right front seats of cars, plastic parts, precision mechanical processing parts, snow blower shells, lawn floors); Spare parts product group (high-speed train seats, pickup truck ventilation ducts, motorcycle front shields, tweezers for commercial vehicles and localized components and spare parts assembled on passenger car models).

Through the exhibition, THACO INDUSTRIES has the opportunity to promote its brand, production capacity, seek opportunities to connect and cooperate with domestic and foreign enterprises to continue developing the production chain; affirming the No. 1 position in Vietnam in manufacturing and supplying OEM components, deeply participating in the global supply chain; at the same time, supporting small and medium enterprises to participate in the production chain, contributing to the development of mechanical engineering and supporting industries in Vietnam.

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