Duy Khanh Engineering Company

Established in 1989, Duy Khanh Engineering company specializes in precision mechanical engineering.


  1. Designing and manufacturing molds:
  • Injection molds, blow molds for plastic products, especially PET pre-form molds, and blow molds for PET bottles.
  • Stamping molds, forming molds for sheet metal, especially progressive stamping molds and transfer stamping molds.
  • Die-casting molds for Aluminum and Zinc Alloy products.
  • Forming molds for rubber products.
  1. Designing and manufacturing custom machinery and machinery components, tooling and jigs with high accuracy and
  2. Machining high precision machinery parts.
  3. Manufacturing machinery components, parts by Metal Powder Sintering Technology.
  4. Plastic Cap Compression Molding machine


Duy Khanh Engineering Companyhas over 50 modern high precision machines which are controlled by Computer Numerical Control (CNC), such as CNC Vertical Machine Center (4 axis), CNC Electric Discharge Machine (EDM), CNC wire cut EDM, CNC lathe machine, CNC engraving machine (4 axis).

In addition,our factory is also equipped with over 50 high quality machines, such as cylindrical grinding machine, surface grinding machine, hole grinding machine, tool grinding machine, screw grinding machine, high frequency furnace, hardened heat treatment furnace, TIG and MIG welding, laser welding machine, and etc.

Moreover,our company has a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), hardness measuring machine, roughness measuring machine and various high precision measuring tools.

Human Resource:

Our company currently has over 100 employees consisting of over 20engineers, 20 college-leveled technicians and over 60 technical workers, all of whom have graduated from universities, colleges and technical schools.

Our mission is to constantly explore and study optimal design techniques and procedures, andregularly train our team on new production technologies in order to efficiently manufacture products that will satisfy the most stringent quality requirements.


Our customers are mostly manufacturing companies:local companies, jointventure companies and Multinational Corporation locating in Vietnam.

Our products also have been exported to the countries as: Canada, The United States, South America, Japan, French, Italy.

♦ In order to meet high demand and provide our customers with more attentive service, we have built a Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000, certified by DNV Organization (Norway) and UKAS (United Kingdom) since 2004. In 2016, DNV certificated Duy Khanh Engineering Company with the new Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015.

♦ With our pride, all board members and employees of Duy Khanh Engineering Company commit ourselves to continuously pursue creativity in design and improve technology to bring high quality products and the best services to our customers.

Company Motto:


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