EXHIBITOR INTRODUCTION: CammSys, a Companies necessary for society

We will provide the value customers need with the best technology.

Since entering the camera module business for mobile phones in 2003, CammSys has secured excellent technology and the highest level of quality by putting the realization of customer satisfaction as the top priority, and has solidified its position as a global camera module market leader by supplying the best products to customers.

As smartphones changed our daily lives in the past, the 4th Industrial Revolution is in full swing, and the market is demanding another challenge and innovation. In a changing market, CammSys intends to leap forward as a global company through new growth engines such as biometric security solutions and e-mobility.

The ultimate goal of CammSys is to become a “Company Necessary for Society”. That, CammSys thinks of, provides the value needed to both current and potential customers, shareholders, and members of society, and further contributes to industrial development by leading future technologies, contributing to the local and national economy.

We ask for your continued interest and support for CammSys’ journey so that we can truly become a “Company Necessary for Society”.

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