In 2017, with the approval of the Management Board of HHTP – Ministry of Science and Technology, with 100% investment capital from DT&C Corporation of Korea, Dt&C VINA Joint Stock Company was established with total capital invested about 15 million USD and continue to invest more to build laboratories in Hoa Lac. Although it is still very young, Dt&C VINA has been reaching out strongly in the field of electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety testing for electrical and electronic products, with the goal of becoming the leading testing center in the Southeast Asia region.

Dt&C VINA Joint Stock Company

Located on an area of 10,000 m2 in Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park, Dt&C VINA has invested in building a large-scale test center, equipped with many modern and advanced equipment leading in the world in the field Electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety testing for testing according to Vietnam and international standards.

Currently, the testing scope of Dt&C VINA is focusing on the following areas: EMC, Electrical Safety, Reliability and Energy Efficiency for home products, information technology, lighting equipment and components cars, electric scooters…. During its operation, Dt&C VINA laboratory has been certified by a number of important state agencies such as: Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality (STAMEQ), Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC), as well as VILAS 1287 certificate of the Bureau of Accreditation (BOA).

In particular, in 2021, Dt&C VINA has invested in a system of testing components and accessories for advanced, modern and unique electric cars and electric motorcycles in Vietnam. With this system, Dt&C VINA can perform a full range of tests on performance, EMC, safety and reliability for electric car and electric motorcycle components. Putting this system into operation will help manufacturers and component developers in verifying product quality, shortening testing time and costs compared to having to send samples to the foreign.

Dt&C VINA provides services:

  1. EMC Testing
  2. Automotive EMC
  3. Safety Testing
  4. Energy Efficiency Testing
  5. LED Performance Testing
  6. Reliability Testing
  7. RF Testing
  8. Consulting service

Mr. Kang Moon Kyung – General Director of the company shared: “We realize that testing for electromagnetic compatibility, electrical safety as well as energy efficiency is one of the very important items to evaluate product quality before delivering the product to the consumer. That is why our company decided to invest into Vietnam with the desire to help and accompany Vietnamese businesses as well as foreign businesses in Vietnam in the product development process.”

Mr. Kang Moon Kyung- General Director of DT&C VINA

The Korean Dt&C Group has been possessing the most modern techniques and machines in the field of testing with an annual revenue of more than 80 million USD and the group’s direction will be to transfer technology to Dt&C VINA with the ambition of participating in the chain of consulting services and providing high-quality testing services in the Vietnamese market with the desire to contribute to Vietnam to have more manufacturing factories to bring electrical and electronic products “Made in Vietnam” reaching out to the world.

In addition to modern facilities, Dt&C VINA also owns a team of experienced and enthusiastic personnel. The company currently has a team of experts with over 25 years of technical experience in the field of testing, which has been contributing to the development of the testing field of Vietnam and Korea. Besides, the company also owns a team of engineers with good background, rich experience, well-trained at leading technical universities in Vietnam. Dt&C VINA always strives and invests in building a team of dedicated and talented personnel because in testing, people are an important factor to make accurate judgments about product quality.

We believe that, with the capacity and vision of the Board of Directors, Dt&C VINA will be one of the important factors in the supply chain of testing services, contributing to improving the quality of Vietnamese products in the international integration process.

To find out more information about Dt&C VINA’s solutions and services, businesses can visit the website: https://dtnc.vn/ or directly contact the hotline: 0987869870 for the best advice and support.

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