English name of “Công ty TNHH Cao Su Giải Phóng” is: Giai Phong Rubber CO., LTD, abbreviated as GPR. The legal representative is Mr. Chu Trong Trung.

In 2004, early grasping the trends of the market and realizing the necessity of expanding the production scale in order to have enough capacity to actively participate in activities promoting Vietnam’s supporting industry, the company began to transfer the location of production and business from Hanoi to Hung Yen, officially received an investment license and started construction of a factory manufacturing technical rubber, auto and motorcycle components, household electrical components, etc. in Hung Yen. The construction of the factory and the installation of equipment and machinery are included in GPR’s strategy for expanding, developing and meeting the needs of Vietnamese market in phase 1 with the initial capital investment of USD 500,000 for the factory of GPR in Hung Yen. Currently, the total investment of the company has increased 10 times, up to 5 million USD compared to the initial stage of establishment, increasing the capacity to supply components to FDI enterprises to more than 100 million / year with the factory area of 3,500sqm, in which component exports to Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, etc. account for 40%.

With state-of-the-art technology and high precision, a team of experienced designers, GPR has proactively and confidently manufactured molds at the factory meeting the requirements on customers’ drawings…

Quality management system is controlled, ensuring the best product quality, preventing errors from arising, for the sake of customers. Bring customers the best quality products, the most suitable prices & fulfill all requirements of customers.

During the past years, GPR has always strived to accompany Vietnamese Government, and multinational enterprises, etc. in order to improve and enhance competitiveness, thereby aiming for the general development of Vietnam’s supporting industry.

For the supporting industry, with a background of serving more than 15 years in providing assembly components in motorcycles, household appliances, being aware of the accumulation of production experience, etc. GPR aims for system management according to quality management standards for automotive manufacturing organizations & related services (IATF 16949) and identifies a market expansion strategy, focusing on manufacturing automotive assembly components in 2022.

The company closely cooperates with material research centers (Korea), offering environmentally friendly materials, RoHS & REACH compliant, material properties conform to strict requirements in the automotive manufacturing industry. With GPR’s technical capacity and current technology system, it is entirely possible to improve the quality and achieve new development.

In addition, we continue promoting training and attracting a qualified workforce, fully exploiting human resources, creating work motivation, improving productivity, quality, competitive costs, etc. Besides maintaining training programs with industry consultants, the company promotes activities of participating in seminars, exhibitions, etc. to seek many potential customers.

Not only does the company focus on improving the management system to enhance the enterprise’s competitiveness, it also improves the current suppliers in order to strengthen the position of GPR.

GPR’s orientations in the coming time:

– 5 years: Develop auto parts manufacturing in Vietnam and other markets (Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Korea)

– 10 years: Export auto parts to fastidious markets: Europe, America.

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