Hwaseung R&A is the representative company of the global corporation Hwaseung Group in the automobile parts business sector.

The company, which produces hose products for automobiles and sealing products that have been designated as one of the world‘s top products, received the $300 Million Export Award based on excellent technology and quality.

In addition, it produces weight-lightened products suitable for environmentally friendly lightweight automobiles in line with the changing automobile industry and has obtained competitiveness by business diversification such as the shipbuilding tools and materials business and new business by using rubber material.

Hwaseung R&A is advancing to become a global automobile parts company by supplying its products not only to domestic automobile companies such as Hyundai, Kia, GM Korea, Ssangyong, etc. but also well-known overseas automobile companies such as Stellantis, GM, BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Vinfast, and etc.

As a global corporation, Hwaseung R&A has grown to be a top automobile parts company with endless striving and passion for innovative automobile parts production, while establishing Hwaseung Taechang and Hwaseung Beijing in China, Hwaseung America Holdings, Hwaseung Alabama and Hwaseung USA in the USA, Hwaseung India, Hwaseung Turkey, Hwaseung Mexico, Hwaseung Brazil, Hwaseung Indonesia, and etc.

We hope you will give your attention to Hwaseung R&A, which will grow further based on reliability, and we will make our best efforts to become the top company in the global automobile parts industry.

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