“Hau Giang industry promotion boosts rural industry facilities “

(VEN) – Industry promotion activities in Hau Giang have created a boost for business and rural industrial establishments in the Mekong Delta province.

According to the Hau Giang Department of Industry and Trade, industry promotion activities have helped the province’s rural industries develop and contribute to its socioeconomic development. Notably, in 2019 and the first six months of 2020, VND3.51 billion of national industry promotion funding helped enterprises innovate technology and product quality, build and advertise brands, create stable jobs and improve incomes.
hau giang industry promotion boosts rural industry facilities
Hau Giang rural industrial establishments invest in modern machinery


Hau Giang Province has approved three industry promotion projects totaling VND550 million in capital. Although the local rural industry establishments are small, they are gradually becoming more daring in advanced machinery investment to keep up with market demand.

According to Nguyen Thi Phuong, the owner of the Phi Long construction and trade enterprise in Phung Hiep District, with VND300 million from the national industry promotion project the enterprise invested in two corrugated iron rolling and bending machines with total value of over VND700 million in order to increase competitiveness with domestic and foreign markets and shorten production time.

In addition to providing capital support to local businesses and business establishments, the Hau Giang Department of Industry and Trade has implemented solutions for sustainable agricultural and rural development. These include product diversification and segmentation to increase product value, industrial development especially of the agriculture processing industry, and calls for investment with a focus on fruit processing. Every year, the department also selects typical rural industrial products with high value and development potential in order to nominate them for national and regional recognition.

While the industry promotion funding in recent years has helped rural industrial establishments develop and expand production scale, hesitation and lack of updated information hampers progress. In addition, closer connections and coordination are required between industry promotion policies and newly established enterprises, vocational training, technology investment support and market development.

In order to link industry promotion policies to rural production in 2020, the Hau Giang Trade and Industry Promotion Center under the Hau Giang Department of Industry and Trade will coordinate with units and localities to disseminate industry promotion policies to establishments, creating preferential loans for investment in technology innovation. The center will prioritize mechanized industry development to serve agriculture and the processing industries of agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and the application of cleaner production, and support typical rural industrial products, create job opportunities, contribute to promoting the use of local raw materials and find potential export markets.

Trang Anh

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