PRESS RELEASE – Specialized conference “Creating market for mechanical and automation enterprises”

“Creating market for mechanical and automation enterprises”

Time: From 08:00 – 12:00, Friday, July 7th, 2023

Venue: International Convention Center, 11 Le Hong Phong, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.

On the morning of July 7th, 2023, Vietnam Industry Agency (VIA), in cooperation with Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industry (VAMI), held the conference “Creating market for mechanical and automation enterprises”.

Attending the event, on the side of Vietnam Industry Agency, Ministry of Industry and Trade, there was Mr. Pham Tuan Anh – Deputy Director; On the side of Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industry (VAMI), there was Mr. Nguyen Chi Sang – Vice President, General Secretary of the Association. In addition, the conference was also honored to welcome Mr. Ninh Huu Chan – General Secretary of Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (VAMA) and representatives of companies in the mechanical and automation industries.

According to Mr. Pham Tuan Anh, Mechanical industry is a fundamental industry receiving special attention of the Party and State, becoming one of the key industries of the economy, contributing billions of dollars and creating millions of jobs. In his opinion, in reality, currently mechanical enterprises are still facing disadvantages such as the relatively fierce competition from imported products, the lack of market information and the weak competitiveness of domestic enterprises, etc. Therefore, Vietnam Industry Agency hopes that businesses will be more proactive in changing their mindset and innovating technology to gain a competitive advantage over foreign products. As a representative of the State management agency, Mr. Pham Tuan Anh also expressed the consensus and determination of the Government with organizations, associations and enterprises, in order to support the competitiveness improvement of Vietnamese enterprises, gradually increasing their ability to participate in the global value chain, helping the mechanical industry in particular and Vietnam’s industry in general to develop dramatically.

Sharing at the conference, Mr. Phan Le Hoang Linh, head of the Department of Manufacturing Industry, Vietnam Industry Agency, said that Vietnam has a stable geographical location and political, investment environment, favorable for the development of industries. At the same time, the domestic market and export market have been also increasingly expanded through the process of intensive international economic integration. He also said that Vietnam Industry Agency has been researching and developing a Law on the development of key industries, and adopting development strategies for a number of industries in the new period (including the automobile industry); as well as cooperating with ministries and departments to synchronously amend the legal system on incentives and support specific investment sectors.

Sharing more at the conference, Mr. Nguyen Chi Sang – Vice President and General Secretary of VAMI also said that the mechanical industry is facing a decrease in both domestic and foreign orders due to the impact of the pandemic and most recently from the Russian-Ukrainian war. He also emphasized the importance of the Government, ministries and departments in promulgating appropriate mechanisms and policies to promote market creation and development orientation for businesses.

Attending the seminar, Mr. Ninh Huu Chan – General Secretary of VAMA also remarked on the development of suppliers to gradually participate in the supply chain of the automobile industry. Specifically, when referring to the manufacturing of components for the automotive sector, he said that besides advantages such as high-quality human resources, low costs, reduced transportation costs, the manufacturing industry also faces some difficulties in terms of market size, a lack of material industry, a lack of management experience, etc. At the same time, VAMA also stated their opinions on the supporting industry in the transition to electric vehicles – one of the topics of current interest.

Representatives of enterprises in the mechanical and automation industries also had the opportunity to express their views and share difficulties in the process of production and business. Typically, Doosan Vina Company, one of the most successful FDI enterprises today in Quang Ngai province, proposed a number of practical policies to support the mechanical industry such as strengthening localization policies to build energy security and Vietnam’s mechanical industry ecosystem, strengthening tax incentives to protect domestic companies, etc.

Especially, with the aim of promoting the development of Vietnam’s mechanical industry, the opportunity to create more new orders for domestic enterprises, etc., the conference “Creating market for mechanical and automation enterprises” is not only a place to share information, answer questions, but it also has a space to display products and components from supporting industry enterprises. This event is expected to become a highlight, attracting a lot of attention from the business community and agencies./.

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