Tungtai Bearings ( International) LTD.

TungTai Bearings (INTD.) LTD. is a professional miniature deep groove ball bearings manufacturer with our own factory in Mainland China. We were founded in 1985 and started contributing to improving production skills and efficiency in the miniature bearings industry in China. With more than 30 years of effort, we have gained a wide range of trust from our business partners in various industries including electric motors, automotive applications, home appliances, industrial equipment, etc. Attributing to our experience, we are capable of producing deep groove ball bearings with inner diameter 1-15mm with ABEC-1,3,5,7 and V-4,3,2,1. Also, we are strong at producing stainless steel (440C) bearings, that can satisfy the special working environment of bearings. Nowadays TungTai Bearings has a 5000 square meter production area, about 200 skillful workers, and more than 100 automatic machines for production. We are able to produce more than 20,000,000pcs of high-quality bearings each year.

25B, Kin Ga Industrial Building, 9 San On Street, TM., NT., HK.

Tel: +852 2440-7774

Email: tungtai@tungtai.com.hk / tungtai@tungtaibearings.com

Website: http://tungtai.com.hk/

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