Vietnam’s largest supporting industry exhibition is coming soon

VIMEXPO 2023 will have more than 250 domestic and foreign supporting industry enterprises, taking place from November 15-17.

The 4th Vietnam International Supporting Industry and Manufacturing Exhibition – VIMEXPO 2023 in Vietnam is expected to have the largest scale since the first organization. In line with the automobile market that is moving towards electrification, this exhibition will also have many related businesses such as batteries, charging for both motorcycles and cars. These are mainly companies from China.

VIMEXPO 2023 will still be held at the Vietnam-Soviet Friendship Cultural Palace as every year, with an area of about 7,000 m2, nearly 300 booths of about 250 enterprises. Products belong to 4 groups: Automobile manufacturing and assembling Industry, electronics, high-tech industry, Mechanical Fabrication Sector and related industry.

In previous years, many automakers, equipment and spare parts such as Thaco, Toyota, VEAM, Hyundai Kefico, or from the electronics-high-tech and mechanical industries attended the exhibition. This year, it is expected that car manufacturers such as Thaco and Honda will attend.

Unlike auto shows, which attract a diverse number of visitors, auxiliary technology exhibitions such as VIMEXPO are mainly B2B playgrounds (for businesses). There will be opportunities for cooperation, product supply, and technology to promote the industry. Although not a show that consumers are too interested in, it is the foundation and general picture for the domestic automobile industry.

This year’s exhibition is expected to attract about 15,000 visitors to visit and work directly.



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