VIMEPO 2023: Mechanical Fabrication Sector

According to the Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industry (VAMI), in the past time, a number of mechanical products have been produced with good quality, equivalent to the product quality from other countries in the same region. Currently, domestic enterprises producing mechanical components have quite good capacity in a number of fields such as all types of molds, mechanical components, electric cables, plastic components, technical rubber, etc. In addition, the high demand of supporting industry market leads to many businesses having boldly invested to improve production capacity, focusing on developing quality product lines to serve foreign direct investment (FDI) business, pointing directly at the export of mechanical products.

At VIMEXPO 2023, HANIN PLASTICS, SHINJO VIETNAM, VIET NHAT MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIAL, and other companies from other countries will introduce the latest products and technology in the Mechanical fabrication sector during the Exhibition days.

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