VIMEXPO 2023: Supporting industries in Vietnam will have the opportunity to welcome the wave of movement from abroad

The 4th Vietnam International Supporting Industry and Manufacturing Exhibition – VIMEXPO 2023 with the goal “Connect to develop”, directed by Ministry of Industry and Trade, hosted by Industrial Development Center – Vietnam Industry Agency – Ministry of Industry and Trade, organized by C.I.S Vietnam Advertising & Exhibition JSC., is officially coming back from November 15th to 17th, 2023 at Hanoi International Exhibition Center – I.C.E Hanoi


Industrial production in general, and supporting industries in particular, play a huge role in the development of the economy. With the attention and promotion of support on mechanisms and policies, Vietnam’s supporting industry has had clear effects. Resolution 50 – NQ/TW of the Politburo on orientations for perfecting institutions, policies, improving the quality and efficiency of foreign investment cooperation until 2030 has set out the orientation to attract foreign investment, focusing on large-scale projects, There is a need for localization to promote the development of the domestic supporting industry. With certain economic and political advantages, Vietnam is becoming a promising destination to welcome this wave. The fact that a series of leading enterprises choose Vietnam to invest in new production bases is giving the supporting industry great opportunities to develop and participate more deeply in the global value chain.


In order to promote the development of the domestic supporting industry, economic experts said that it is necessary to strengthen the connection between foreign-invested enterprises and the domestic business sector. Because of the current reality, domestic enterprises are still quite reserved when approaching foreign-invested enterprises, some enterprises consider foreign-invested enterprises as competitive partners, have not actively sought association opportunities from foreign enterprises. Therefore; In order to promote the connection between these two business sectors, it is necessary to enhance the bridging role of the State in building appropriate linkage models, promoting the role and responsibility of foreign-invested enterprises in supporting and connecting with domestic enterprises. Domestic enterprises themselves must make breakthroughs in source technology, high technology as well as improve the quality of human resources, thereby having enough strength to closely link with foreign enterprises, and at the same time become an important link in the global value chain.

According to Mr. Pham Tuan Anh – Deputy Director General of the Industry Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade), the immediate solution, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has been promoting investment in domestic and foreign markets to find markets for supporting industry enterprises. In the long run, it will continue to advise the Government to promulgate policies to complete the mechanism to attract investment in the supporting industry sector to improve the localization rate in the country. At the same time, forming supporting industrial zones and clusters with the appearance of leading enterprises and forming services for those industrial zones and clusters to develop a complete ecosystem, helping businesses feel secure to invest in this field.

The scale is expected to be 7,000m2, with nearly 300 booths of about 250 domestic and international enterprises attending. Here, enterprises will introduce products in 04 main field groups such as: Automobile manufacturing and assembly industry, electronics, High-tech industry, Mechanical engineering and related industry groups.

The exhibition is an opportunity for Vietnam’s supporting industry to integrate and develop, a bridge for enterprises operating in the field of supporting industries at home and abroad to meet and exchange experiences, introduce products, expand cooperation, access to high-tech means, etc world-leading advanced supporting industry achievements to improve production capacity. From there, opening up opportunities for supporting industry enterprises to become suppliers, participating in the supply chain of enterprises producing and assembling final products.

VIMEXPO 2023 with the goal of Connect for develop continues to affirm its role as the leading prestigious event of the supporting industry and manufacturing in Vietnam, a bridge to help Vietnam’s supporting industry enterprises gradually participate more deeply in the global production chain. In 03 days of opening from November 15 to 17, 2023, the exhibition is expected to attract about 15,000 visitors to visit and work directly.



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