Vietnam Engine and Agricultural Machinery Corporation – Joint Stock Company

As one of the leading brands in the fields of agricultural mechanics, supporting industry, and automobile industry in Vietnam; after more than 30 years of construction and development (established on May 12, 1990), Vietnam Engine and Agricultural Machinery Corporation – JSC (VEAM) has affirmed its role in agricultural mechanics with a number of typical products that are favored by a large number of customers and markets in many years. In addition, VEAM has gradually attended and contributed to the formation of supporting industries, participating in the global supply chain as well as accelerating the process of modernization and mechanization of rural agriculture in Vietnam. VEAM is currently a capable, trusted partner in cooperation and joint venture relationships with Toyota, Honda (Japan), Ford (USA), also with the joint ventures Toyota Vietnam, Honda Vietnam, and Ford Vietnam; and is providing a lot of support products such as components – spare parts for assembling products for large enterprises such as Honda, Toshiba, Juki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Piaggio, Sumitomo, Schaeffler., etc.

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